Rent of diesel generators

The necessity of organizing the uninterrupted operation of equipment in various spheres of human activity has led to the fact that the lease of diesel generators became affordable and profitable investment of funds. The service is profitable for any tipe of budget, since you will not have to spend on the purchase of the unit. Rental of diesel power plants will solve the problem of failures of central power supply at an industrial plant or in domestic conditions.

Vital company offers power plants for rent on favorable terms. Narrow-profile equipment needs to be selected under certain conditions of operation, therefore our experts are always ready to answer all the questions.

How diesel generator rental work

Company Vital offers a lease of the State Tax Service in Kiev and throughout Ukraine:

in a rental it is possible to choose a station with optimal characteristics for a particular object, based on the total capacity of equipment operating in its territory;

payment for use is made in fact, depending on the period of operation;

if you order a lease DPS, the company's specialists will implement its installation and proper connection;

leased power plants are serviced by Vital employees, so in the event of breakdowns in the operation of the breakdown are quickly eliminated;

specialists take over the planned maintenance at the right time, in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer and the conditions of operation of the equipment;

in all situations you can contact us for advice.

In addition, rental of generators in Kiev is available around the clock. The urgency of the hire became necessary because of the probability of disconnection of the central power supply at unplanned moments when simple production or lack of electricity supply is unacceptable.

How to rent diesel generators in Kiev

Company Vital provides lease of diesel power stations of various capacities: from 20 to 500 kVA. The choice of the appropriate equipment depends on the needs of the client.

Thanks to many years of work in this field (more than 12 years), we are partners of large industrial and agricultural enterprises. Most of them are filling stations, offices of different sizes, regardless of the direction of work and location.

Rent of diesel power plants is carried out in the following order:

Contact our employees for the contacts posted on this page;

the manager should be required requirements for power, possible operating conditions;

if necessary, Vital employees are ready to go to the place of installation;

after the coordination of the details (the whole procedure takes a minimum time), we organize the loading, delivery and unloading of equipment;

specialists carry out installation using personal consumables, start-up and adjustment of equipment;

We conclude a contract, defining the terms of operation of the station in the hire.

During the lease agreement, Vital will deliver supplies and perform other service, including those that are urgently needed.

Thus, the full range of services will allow you to significantly save your budget and not waste time solving the technical nuances associated with the energy supply of your own premises.