Distribution devices (DD) 0.4 kV

The main purpose of distribution devices (DDs) 0.4 kV is the input, distribution and recording of electricity with three-phase voltage of 380 V and 50 Hz, respectively. In addition, the equipment is intended to protect the network, which means that the working devices are from:

  • overloads;

  • closures and other emergency situations.

0.4 kV switchgears are installed close to the main power supplies, from where the device receives energy and then distributes it among consumers. In most cases the equipment is located in specialized premises - distribution sub-stations and transformer installations. RU 04 kV are freely used in residential or office (commercial) premises, as well as in areas of production of any scale.

Constructive features of the equipment

Distribution points 0.4 sq. Are executed in the form of compact housing, inside which is an electrical circuit. The case is made of sheet metal, the inner and outer surface is still stained with standard paint and varnish compositions. The design features of the 4/4 "switchgear shields also include the findings of tire fastening and grounding in the mounting process, as the main requirement of the PUE (and the rules of the electrical installation). To protect against unauthorized hacking, the case is equipped with anti-vandal locks and overlays. On the inside, the 0.4 kV switchgear consists of:

  • Input Panels. It is necessary to organize the connection of the device from the main transformer, take on the protective function and the function of accounting for electricity.

  • Distribution panels. Protects against overcurrent and short-circuit currents of consumers, are responsible for operative reconnect of a current.

  • Sectional panels. Implement partitioning between inputs, if necessary, using schemes of automatic input of the reserve

  • Auxiliary panels. Emergency lighting system is installed, equipment for controlling operation and the state of condenser batteries are used for mounting.


Due to the special design and quality of the execution, RU 0.4 kV is the optimal solution for premises of any area and purpose. In particular, the metal casing and optimal dimensions provide the maximum mechanical strength of the equipment, resulting in its long service life and ease of maintenance. In addition, switchgear has the following advantages:

  • the possibility of organizing automatic control over the operation of the power grid, including the condition of sealing of individual tires and sectional delineation;

  • guarantee of sound and light alert in case of unpredictable situation ;

  • the possibility of creating a system of technological process of ACS;

  • guarantee of operative re-connection;

  • high degree of protection against dust, moisture and other negative factors.

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